Factory13 experimental skateboard manufacturing

is an independent skateboard design and mfg. company.

Designed & manufactured in-house by experienced Engineers, Artists, Machinists, & Skateboarders. All of our boards are made & silkscreened by hand, one at a time.

Made of the highest quality raw materials & designed for pure style and function. 

Established in Cleveland, Ohio & now located in Long Beach, California.

Guaranteed quality craftsmanship since 1999


Welcome to Factory13 skateboards / 


the Kristian Svitak friend model.

We have been friends for many years, growing up 

skateboarding in Cleveland Ohio. Kristian represents

the true-core skater, positive, & generally a nice guy,

so we have worked together to create this insane board.

So heavy on the style, handmade quality, and I had Kristian working on these boards himself, We skate - we make boards - we have to do this for the higher purpose.

CLICK to hit up our ONLINE STORE & you can buy them now!

the JFA Paisley

Jodie Fosters Army - the Pioneers of Skate Rock.

11.25 x 31.25 handmade & silkscreened 

with wheelwells featuring a true to size & shape of the OG Paisley but with an updated spoon style mold.  Hit the online store to place an order, (offering 2 sizes) thx!


Pipe Deck / Make America Skate Again

We have also added the new JFA / Reagan M.A.S.A. logo Pipe decks (10x33) to the webstore and they are lookin' so sick. 

While he is not our president, we will grab his tagline for a bit.

Silkscreened onto our current JFA Pipe Deck, this thing rules.



While we are located in Long Beach California,

We do ship Internationally every week & can adjust any shipping options for you (including price or carrier)

Customers, go ahead & make the order & we will contact you immediately to adjust International shipping rates - Thank you

Will be adding to the webstore many new model boards with unique colorways & prints.

the custom boards will be posted there as well for immediate shipping, check back frequently for new items.

New shapes, sick silkscreened graphics, new molds & tooling going on at factory now

and its only getting better.


Please stay tuned. thank you 

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