The Factory13 / Kristian Svitak friend model.

This is a collaboration born out of friendship, skate/punk rock, & being from the same hometown of Cleveland Ohio. Where we skate in the middle of winter & thrive on punk shows.

He needs no introduction, his skating, style, & attitude speak volumes...


To quote Kristian on this - 

"My old Cleveland buddie Danny, has been doing this custom board company for many years. Every board is handmade by him from scratch. I jumped in his shop and helped with the sanding & silkscreen printing of these boards. 

With the graphic of the iconic Terminal Tower in downtown Cleveland, I wanted this board to have the shape & feel of an old toy store board of the 80's but with the craftsmanship of Danny / Factory13. Something that can handle smashing the rugged Cleveland streets on. It can perform on those streets - it will perform anywhere"


Have a blast on this board everybody! Thank you 

  • Dimensions

    10.25" x 31.5" x 16.5" wb. 

    single kick flat belly, 7 ply maple w/ routed wheelwells.

    Handmade & silkscreened at Factory13