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Hello, thank you for placing an order, or just checking out Factory13 skateboards - 

We wish to ship out our products as quickly as possible

without ever compromising quality or using inferior materials. 

I hope this information will serve as a guide for our friends & customers around the world.

We need to work together, in a positive direction to make the absolute best board for you & 

for you to feel 100% stoked on the whole life cycle & manufacturing process of your board.

If you have placed an order to Factory13 & would like an update on its status, 

please use the websites contact button (below) or if you just have a question:


Or you can email the Woodshop directly, via link below:


Emails & Direct Messages about your order via Social Media:

Thank you for checking out the Factory13 Instagram & Facebook !!

But in regards to a question on a particular order,  it's not a recommended path for communication.  

This is done to keep our order details & further information accurate on 1 clear level. 


While I understand we have an ease of communication thru these avenues,

it can lead to a delay / shipping errors & we would like to avoid that so we can serve our customers better. So let's stick to email as that is the most accurate.

Phone calls about your order:

Our phone # here is (440) 488 - 0315

We prefer Emailing about your order & update requests. 

This is simply because we are working - nothing more, nothing less.

Typically the machinery is running loud in here, so I won't hear the phone 95% of the time.

Plus - my goal is accuracy, that is why I prefer email, that way we can keep a log of your order details

& important information easily on file, a quick chat on the phone during working times is great

but I want to make sure your details are correct. 

If a phone call is needed to discuss a certain topic, no problem !

Please email me so we can set a time & date for our phone call.

Glad to discuss your ideas.

Refunds / Exchanges:

If you would like a refund or to cancel your (stock board) order,

please contact me via email so we can work out the details & possibly avoid a restocking fee.


If the order is cancelled via Paypal (or other payment service)

without the consent of the woodshop

there will be a 10% charge against your order for the labor allocated & performed for you.

There are no refunds on Custom boards (non stock boards) and can't be exchanged.

These are 1 of a kind boards. 

Exchanges are fine on stock boards, just ask.


Most important, shipping this thing out so you can ride.

Currently (as of August 2021) we are shipping stock boards approx. 2 - 3 weeks from order date.

This time will decrease to 1 - 2 weeks & less as our raw materials come in more frequently, 

while a part of the world economy effects us in the trucking of raw lumber,

I am stocking up as much high quality material as I can get my hands on.

Thanks for your patience.

International Shipping:

Understandably, it costs a bit to ship skateboards to some locations from our spot in Long Beach, Ca. 

What we will do is to find the least expensive & good/proper delivery method (mostly USPS) 

to serve you the best. 

I keep a basic 68$ charge for shipping outside of the USA, but if your shipping cost exceed this price,

we will contact you & request those additional funds that go directly towards shipping. 

Its tough to call, shipping rates fluctuate but we will keep trying our best & we welcome your suggestions to help get these boards to you wherever you are.

We ship domestic via UPS with 2 pick ups a week.

We ship international via USPS with 1 pick up a week.

Most importantly, the factory wants to do the best work possible for you.

These are handcrafted, detailed, functional life machines for heavy service

made by skateboarders. 

Thank you.


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